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A big report on direct action campaigns against companies profiting from migrants detention and deportation has been realized. It includes a collection of direct actions and campaigns in different countries, reflections and figures from different sources showing the negative economic impact of being a target of such campaigns.

The report is targeted at companies customers, shareholders and employees. The aim is to spread the information in the business circle about companies victims of actions, to affect the reputation of them, to highlight the often minimized economic impacts of such campaigns, to open the internal discussion about the issue.

Targeted companies often try to keep this information hidden and to avoid any public (and internal) communication on it. They know that this can have emulation effect, and especially they know that the direct impact of these campaigns is often much smaller than the indirect one (like image damages, impaired credibility for customer, internal discussions, changes in the operative procedure).

The report is also meant to be spread in the business sector which are often involved in border system (construction, security, airlines..)

The report was already sent by mail to a large number of targeted companies‘ employees, shareholders and customers, and published to some investors forum.

Feel free to spread it much more, to print it, to send it to companies and stakeholders, to edit it and make new versions…

Here is the external link: https://reportdetentionsector.wordpress.com/

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