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More than 10 Refugee Activist from Schwabisch Gmüend stormed the Baden Württemberg Paliament shortly before 3pm on Thursday 05.06.14 to demand an immidiate intervention to the repeated act of repression from the Ostalb District Authourities.

This decision was an outcome of the meeting that morning with other refugee activist who met to in Stuttgart discuss this unjust acts pepetuated by the Ostalb district Authorites.

As the Refugees approached the control desk in the Landtag, they demanded audience with Mr. Kretschmann (State vernor) and to request that he „call to order“ the Ostalb district officials whose continious abuse of power to criminalise and persecute refugee activist can no longer be tolerated.

After 20 minuites without feedback from the Officials at the Control desk, the refugees made a remindal of the mission a started chanting „We Want Our Voice to be Heard“ mentioning their demands at intervals and ignoring every intendedi ntimidation and parade of Police and other state Officials.

While one could see the random Telephone stress of the Officials through the Glass barricade, the refugees emphasised their demands which ranged from „Immidiate call to Order of the Ostalb district, Stop persecution and criminalisation of Refugees, fair handling of their Asylum application process, respect for human rights and human dignity in Germany etc.

All along, Mr Kretschman was claimed to be in a meeting with Internal Ministers and after series of appeal to wait until he come to address the oppressed refugees, the refugees were all of a sudden approached by a 7 man delegation led by Mr. Herrman and Mr Pampel from Integration Ministry with others.

As the delegation approached the refugees with style of naming a leader, the Refugees downplayed this German cultural question of hierachy and reechoed their no leadership position as everyone of them takes responsibility on an equal level.

The refugees expressed their dissappointment in the obviously unjust manner implored by the Ostalb district Officer to manipulate their ongoing Asylum application process at the Federal Office of Migration and refugees – a copy of the letter from Mr. Betz who the refugees described as a dictator who enforces facist policies. By Official capacity, Mr Betz is the Departmental Boss for socialcare and Integration in Ostalb district with Office location in Aalen.

They emphasised the insecurity of constant monitoring by the Police in schwabisch Gmünd. According to the Refugees – There is always a police vehicle appearing after 5-10 minuites anytime they (these stigmatised Refugees) walk out of the lager gate even up to the train Station.

They also expressed their experinces of the racist behaviours from some members of the Community based on Mr. Betz intensive infuence with the Bürgerinnitiative to profiling them as the bad Refugees hence their demand to be transfered out of Ostalb district with immidiate effect.

As The VOICE Refugee Forum Stuttgart; We express our full dissappointed with a strong critics on this continious acts of State Repression that continues to gain momentum in Ostalb district and Germany as a whole.

We denounce the continious act of stigmatisation and splitting of Refugees to justify compromises that are dubviouly designed to further isolate and persecute refugees in pretence in cooperation with the local innitiative „Bürger Innitiative“ who project the repression of the State with deceptive solidarity.

To recall such continuation of deciet dates back to the Local innitiative°s past compromises that was massively against their self organisation and determination through instigation of fear for deportation so as to slow them down and accept the life in Isolation.

We are not bothered by the false credibility of the Bürger Innitiatives and their likes who claim undeserved creedibility for every positive development in the Refugee situation in Gernamy even when they had obviously distanced themselves from our resistance but negotiate compromises that complements the oppressive practices.

We recount on the years of refugees protest against food coupons, security gate in lager, right to education, closing down of the lager, dropping charges of residenzpflicht for which the Bürger innitiative officially were not in solidarity but now count the success as part of their intervention. We are also informed that the scandal of using African Refugees as Load carriers for the Schwabisch Gmünd bahnhof project(that met a nationwide critcs) was connected with the request of the Bürgerinnitiative to get a share of the supposed earnings in facilitation of their Heirachy Profile in the name of charity project.

We hereby emphasise our absolute belief in self determination and self organisation because we are in the best position to to speak about our situation because our practical presence makes all the difference in the struggle to liberate the oppressed people of the world.

The VOICE Refugee Forum(Stuttgart)
Email: thevoice_bdw@yahoo.de
Tel.: 017627873832

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