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Flüchtlings-Protest Sit-In vor der EU-Delegation in Tunis

On wednesday the protesting refugees have been evicted and arrested again. The police tried to blackmail them: they should sign not to approach the EU delegation office again, otherwise they keep imprisoned. But the group refused to sign and afterwards they were split up by police into two or three persons and were brought to different far areas to destroy the collective.

But the first of these rejected asylum seekers are already back again and insist on their right to protest at this place of EU responsibility. But at least three persons are still imprisoned in „Bou-Choucha“ (south Tunesia) and the group demands their immediate Release.

Please support by sending faxes and Emails to the EU delegation Office (see the datas below) to support this group of asylumseekers!
Pls focus on the two following demands:

  • Immediate release of the three refugees imprisoned in Bou-Choucha!
  • Listen to the rejected asylumseekers!

EU Delegation Office Tunis
Phone: 00216-71960330
Fax: 00216- 71960302

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