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Reportage über das Flüchtlingslager in Janzour, am Rande von Tripolis – 2.000 Flüchtlinge

Anne Applebaum: Libya’s life in a vacuum. Washington Post Writers Group 27.05.2012

TRIPOLI — If you didn’t know what lay behind the gates of the vast structure in Janzour, just outside the Libyan capital, you’d probably assume it was the Libyan Naval Academy. That, after all, is what it used to be. But drive past the empty main building and into the former living quarters, and you won’t see any sailors. Laundry hangs from the balconies. Children play in the dust below. Women in black abayas walk up and down the concrete plazas, while elderly men in long white gowns smoke cigarettes and stare at the sea. [….]


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