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zu Frontex Abschiebungen
4.2. Joint return operations coordinated by FRONTEX
As part of operational cooperation measures between Member States, States increasingly used joint flights for removal. In this context, the FRONTEX agency played an important role as a vehicle for promoting joint return operations. Between 2006 and December 2013, FRONTEX coordinated 209 Joint Return Operations (JROs) returning 10 855 people. 11 Since 2007, FRONTEX has provided standardised training for return officers focusing on safeguarding returnees’ fundamental rights and dignity during forced return operations.12 Since Article 8(6) of the Return Directive on forced return monitoring became binding in 2010, half of all JROs have been the subject of monitoring by independent monitors who were physically present from the start of the operation until arrival at the airport of destination. To date, these monitors have not reported any violation of returnees’ fundamental rights.

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