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Polizei räumt selbstorganisierte Massenunterkunft von Flüchtlingen am 23.05.2012

Im Interview: „I was thinking to save my life, not paper“

first take: http://www.vrijheidvanbeweging.nl/verhalen/terapel/1.mp3
second take: http://www.vrijheidvanbeweging.nl/verhalen/terapel/2.mp3

English audio recordings with Eritrean women made in the action camp of
350 refugees in the Netherlands before the eviction on 23d of May 2012.
About life, migration, dreams, arrests, education, … The protest was
organised by migrants who are denied access to Europe and can’t return
back home.
Recordings made by Dihya Kahina and Joke Kaviaar.

The eviction took place with a lot of police power destroying the camp
clearly to intimidate the mainly Irakese, somalian, iranian, afghan,
eritrean, ethiopians and sudanese migrants. It was done on the base of
emergency regulation (fire danger, sanitation, etc), not waiting for the
court case that was initiated by the migrants. The day after the evicion
the judge said the eviciton was illegal as there were no clear emergency
grounds for stopping the camp. 117 migrants were arrested, identified
and then released and brought to open refugee camps. The refugees are
planning to sleep for a while now. They refuse to stamp daily. The
emergency regulation is still functioning for that bit of field where
the camp was and a civil court will decide soon if the emergency
regulation is still valid. Migrants are discussing about future actions.

‚What we somalians want‘

English video on the camp:

Dutch news video of the eviction:

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