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Zwischen Legitimation und Krise (2)

J. Daniel Oliva Martínez: Derecho del mar e inmigración irregular. In: Derecho Migratorio y Extranjería.
Revista de derecho de extranjería Nr. 17 (2008), S. 265-290


This study aims to approach the international legal framework regulating the search, interception or rescue in territorial as well as international waters of vessels adrift or in danger and how this relates to the international obligations of Spain vis à vis the protection of human rights and the dignity of the irregular migrants or asylum seekers who, rather frequently, are involved in these crossings. The ultimate aim of this study is to identify the rules, with which ship authorities and captains have to comply when they sail under Spanish flag, in a context in which Spain has become the country of destination for a large part of the irregular migration that seeks to reach the European territory by sea.


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