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Just a short report from Hamburg

Yesterday and today are “Lampedusa Emancipation Days” in Hamburg, starting with a peace march from the city center to the university and a theater play “The Lampeduzans” yesterday evening and going on with exhibitions, a debate “War – Migration – Democracy” and concert today. We mentioned the alarm phone in a short speech and distributed the flyers to migrants and supporters with interested reactions. We told migrants, especially those of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg”, to look at the phone number on the website and give it to friends on the other side of the Mediteranean together with the information what we can do and what not. We told activists that we still need support for the shifts.

Unfortunately the press conference for the event on Wednesday was attended only by one newspaper and not so many people came yesterday – maybe also because of mobilisations of Kurdish people and much police around the mosques near the start of our march. And today, there is also another demonstration and a conference at the same time. I think it is a problem that too many different things happen at the moment, so the dramatic situation of boat people is only one topic among others.


Très bref an francais: Hier et aujourd’hui, il y a “Lampedusa Emancipation Days” à Hambourg avec une marche de paix, du theatre, des expositions, un débat et un concert à Hambourg et nous avons fait un discours sur l’alarme phone et distribué les tracts avec des réactions intéressées. Mais il y a trop d’autres thèmes et actions au moment, et pas beaucoup de gens sont venus.

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