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Promotion-Activities for the Watch The Med Alarm Phone last days in Rhine-Main

Last tuesday evening Emmanuel Mbolela from Afrique-Europe-Interact presented his book „On the flight from Kongo to Europe“ in the frame of a series of alternative events, which happen in Frankfurt during the international bookfair. It was an impressive presentation and in his last part Emmanuel included and explained the watch the med alarm phone as one practical example of a transnational project of support and solidarity.

On last Thursday in Darmstadt (near Frankfurt) an actionday was organized against deportations, in front of the building, where the authorities work, who are responsible for all deportations in our area. About 300 persons participated, amongst them bigger groups of (mainly somalian and eritrean) refugees from different cities in Rhine-Mine. The aim was to denounce the practices of deportation and in various speeches examples of deportations were told. One eritrean friend, who himself was deported some months ago to Italy by a brutal charterdeportation and who neverthelesse returned to Germany in the meanwhile, made a strong personal statement and accused the authorities. And a huge „bloody pen“ was handed over to these authorities, as symbol for their inhuman practices. The action took place with a strong reference to the anniversary of lampedusa and against the Dublin deportations to Italy. Most of the participating refugees came by boats through Lampedusa and have their own experience with sea-crossing. And in this frame also the Alarm phone was presented in a speech, with our posters and leaflets, and a bigger rubber boat, which we already used during an action in Schengen last June in the march for freedom, was carried through the demonstration all the time …

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