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Quelle: Il Fatto Quotidiano | 28.12.2016

Nella zona industriale di San Ferdinando sono più di 2mila i migranti accampati tra tende, baracche e stabili abbandonati in condizioni di vita e di lavoro disastrose. Il Protocollo Operativo in materia di accoglienza e integrazione sottoscritto quasi un anno fa in Prefettura con Regione e Comuni è rimasto lettera morta. Un quadro disperante a sette anni dalla cosiddetta “rivolta di Rosarno”. Medici per i Diritti Umani chiede che vengano attuate misure immediate e nel lungo periodo volte ad assicurare condizioni dignitose ai lavoratori che ogni anno giungono nella Piana di Gioia Tauro per la stagione agrumicola.

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Quelle: The Guardian | 22.12.2016

‘I want the world to know about the conditions we are living in’: 11-year-old Syrian refugee Yamama shows Guardian journalists around her makeshift home within a disused warehouse. Her family are one of 60,000 people stranded in Greece, where the snow started falling earlier this month. While some have been moved into housing blocks, an estimated 20,000 are left in derelict accommodation without cooking facilities, adequate heating, reliable electricity and little in the way of education. This is in spite of millions of pounds of EU funding to deal with the crisis handed out to major NGOs and the Greek government, leading to accusations of mismanagement.

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Families who were separated during their escape cannot be denied the right to live together any longer

Two new video clips by Moving Europe and Medico International

“My daughter calls me uncle and does not want to speak to me any longer”, says Ahmed and struggles to hold back his tears. The Syrian has been separated from his wife and two-year-old daughter for a year and two months. By now, the daughter does not even know anymore that Ahmed is her father, that she even has a father. Although Ahmed is now safe in Germany, waiting for his family and the estrangement of his little daughter who still waits with her mother in Greece for the realisation of family reunification, distresses him.

Ten-year old Tasnim came to Germany a year ago with her uncle. Her mother Amani is also still in Greece. They escaped the Syrian war together but when crossing over from Turkey to Greece, they lost one another. While it would only take a few hours on a plane, they cannot reunite. The separation pains them and they can hardly bear this state of uncertainty, not knowing when they will see each other again.

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Quelle: You Tube

A short film that wants to encourage people to resist against deportations!

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Quelle: Al Jazeera | 18.12.2016

There are more migrants in the world than ever before, with many left with no choice but to leave their own country.

It is International Migrants Day. Migrants and refugees cross borders in search of better economic and social conditions. Many others are forced to flee conflict or persecution. The current record level of mass movement of displaced people has given rise to xenophobia and calls for tighter border controls.

Ban Ki-moon, the outgoing UN secretary-general, is calling for compassion for migrants and refugees. But is anybody listening?

Presenter: Jane Dutton


  • Florian Hartleb, specialist in populist European Politics and a lecturer at Eichstatt University.
  • Paal Nesse, senior adviser with the Norwegian Refugee Council.
  • Leonard Doyle, spokesman for the International Organization for Migration.
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Quelle: ARD Weltspiegel | 16.12.2016

Griechenland ächzt unter der Flüchtlingskrise. Aber statt zu resignieren, hat sich ein Hotelier auf der Insel Evia etwas überlegt. Er bietet Flüchtlingen in seinem Hotel eine Bleibe und hilft ihnen bei der Integration und bei ihrem Neustart in der EU.

Von Richard C. Schneider, ARD-Studio Rom

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Quelle: Il Fatto Quotidiano | 18.12.2016

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Quelle: The Guardian | 08.12.2016

Six weeks after the Calais migrant camp was demolished, unaccompanied minors scattered around France are still waiting to hear of their fate from the Home Office. Lisa O’Carroll, Mat Heywood and John Domokos meet one young refugee who fled death in Darfur desperate to be reunited with his radiographer brother in Liverpool

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Quelle: The Guardian

Mohammed Abu Amar runs a makeshift 24-hour helpline from his flat in Hamburg, guiding scared refugees fleeing the violence in Syria across the water to Europe. Despite losing the use of both legs in a shelling in Damascus in the early days of the conflict, Abu Amar made the crossing with his family in 2013. He subsequently found his calling, being constantly available on the phone for his fellow Syrians making the same perilous journey.

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Quelle: ARD Panorama | 01.12.2016

Jolt P. marschiert mit strammen Schritten entlang des ungarisch-serbischen Grenzzauns. Es ist ein regnerischer Tag, er trägt Kleidung im Camouflage-Look, das Haar seitlich abrasiert. „Schau hier!“ sagt er und zeigt auf eine geflickte Stelle im Stacheldraht. „Hier haben Migranten versucht, den Zaun aufzuschneiden“. Mit Sicherheit seien sie aber erwischt worden, fügt er schmunzelnd hinzu. „Eigentlich machen wir jeden Tag einen Fang“.

Flüchtlinge, oder wie Jolt sagen würde, Migranten zu erwischen, das ist seine Aufgabe. Er gehört zur Bürgerwehr der ungarischen Grenzstadt Asotthalom. Seite an Seite mit Polizei und Militär patrouilliert er nächtlich an der Grenze, ausgestattet mit Handschellen, Pfefferspray, einer Schreckschusspistole, die er stolz präsentiert. Im Auto habe er auch noch eine Schrotflinte, sagt er.

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